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If you’re looking for German baby names, we’ve got it all plus a side of sauerkraut, right here! Browse our German names list for a variety of authentic German name options. Popular names in Germany include Ben and Mia, but see what other names make the grade in Germany! We've got origin and meaning information, pronunciations and interesting name-related facts in our database, too. Choosing cool German baby names doesn’t have to be as difficult as swimming the Rhine. Relax! Grab yourself a stein, queue up some Beethoven, and peruse our names from Deutschland!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Rafael Boy Hebrew God has healed
Rainer Boy Germanic Wise army
Ralph Boy Germanic Wolf council
Raphaela Girl Hebrew God has healed
Regina Girl Latin Queen
Reinhard Boy Germanic Brave counsel
Reinhardt Boy Germanic Brave counsel
Reinhild Girl Germanic Counsellor in ba...
Reinhold Boy Germanic Ruler with counsel
Reinier Boy Germanic Wise army
Reinmar Boy Germanic Famous counsellor
Renata Girl Latin Reborn
Renate Girl Latin Reborn
Reynard Boy Germanic Brave counsel
Ria Girl Hebrew Bitter
Rianne Girl Latin From Hadria
Richard Boy French Strong power; ha...
Rieger Boy English Famous spear
Rika Girl Norse Eternal ruler
Ritter Boy German Knight
Rolf Boy Germanic Famous wolf; wol...
Romy Girl Latin Sea dew
Rosalinda Girl Germanic Weak, tender or ...
Rosalinde Girl Germanic Weak, tender or ...
Roseline Girl Latin Rose
Rosemarie Girl Latin Sea dew
Roswitha Girl Germanic Strong and famous
Roza Girl Latin Rose
Rudeger Boy English Famous spear
Rudi Girl Germanic Famous wolf; wol...