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If you’re looking for German baby names, we’ve got it all plus a side of sauerkraut, right here! Browse our German names list for a variety of authentic German name options. Popular names in Germany include Ben and Mia, but see what other names make the grade in Germany! We've got origin and meaning information, pronunciations and interesting name-related facts in our database, too. Choosing cool German baby names doesn’t have to be as difficult as swimming the Rhine. Relax! Grab yourself a stein, queue up some Beethoven, and peruse our names from Deutschland!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Manfred Boy Germanic Peaceful strength
Manja Girl Sanskrit Cluster of bloss...
Maren Girl Latin From the god Mar...
Marga Girl Greek Pearl
Margareta Girl Greek Pearl
Margarete Girl Greek Pearl
Margarethe Girl Greek Pearl
Margret Girl Greek Pearl
Margrit Girl Greek Pearl
Maria Girl Hebrew Bitter
Markus Boy Latin From the god Mars
Marlene Girl Hebrew Of Magdala
Marlis Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Marlisa Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Marlise Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Marthe Girl Aramaic Lady
Martina Girl Latin From the god Mars
Marzel Boy Latin Little Marcus
Marzella Girl Latin Little Marcus
Mathias Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Mathilda Girl Germanic Powerful battler
Mathilde Girl German Powerful battler
Mattes Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Mattias Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Maurits Boy Latin Moor
Mauritz Boy Latin Moor
Maximilian Boy Latin Little Maximus
Meier Boy Hebrew He who illuminates
Meike Girl Hebrew Bitter
Meinhard Boy Germanic Mighty and brave