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If you’re looking for German baby names, we’ve got it all plus a side of sauerkraut, right here! Browse our German names list for a variety of authentic German name options. Popular names in Germany include Ben and Mia, but see what other names make the grade in Germany! We've got origin and meaning information, pronunciations and interesting name-related facts in our database, too. Choosing cool German baby names doesn’t have to be as difficult as swimming the Rhine. Relax! Grab yourself a stein, queue up some Beethoven, and peruse our names from Deutschland!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Adeltraut Girl Germanic Noble and loved;...
Adeltrud Girl Germanic Noble and loved;...
Adlar Boy German Eagle
Adler Boy German Eagle
Adolf Boy English Noble wolf
Adolfa Girl English Noble wolf
Adolfina Girl English Noble wolf
Adolfus Boy English Noble wolf
Adollfa Girl English Noble wolf
Adolph Boy English Noble wolf
Adolpha Girl English Noble wolf
Adrian Boy Latin From Hadria
Agathe Girl Greek Good
Agie Girl Greek Good
Aglaja Girl Greek Splendor; beauti...
Agneta Girl Greek Chaste
Ahlert Boy Germanic Noble and strong
Ahlrich Boy Germanic Noble ruler
Alaric Boy Germanic Noble ruler
Alarich Boy Germanic Noble ruler
Alberik Boy English Elfin king
Albrecht Boy Germanic Nobly bright
Albwin Boy Germanic Friend of the elfs
Alda Girl Germanic Old; elder
Aldegunde Girl Germanic Noble warrior; a...
Aldegundis Girl Germanic Noble warrior; a...
Aldis Girl Germanic Old; elder
Aldo Boy Germanic Old; elder
Aldrich Boy Germanic Old ruler
Aleit Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...