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If you’re looking for German baby names, we’ve got it all plus a side of sauerkraut, right here! Browse our German names list for a variety of authentic German name options. Popular names in Germany include Ben and Mia, but see what other names make the grade in Germany! We've got origin and meaning information, pronunciations and interesting name-related facts in our database, too. Choosing cool German baby names doesn’t have to be as difficult as swimming the Rhine. Relax! Grab yourself a stein, queue up some Beethoven, and peruse our names from Deutschland!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Josepha Girl Hebrew He will enlarge
Josephine Girl Hebrew He will enlarge
Jost Boy Breton Experienced in b...
Judith Girl Hebrew Of Judea
Juergen Boy Greek Earth worker
Jurgen Boy Greek Earth worker
Jutta Girl Hebrew Of Judea
Jäger Boy German Huntsman
Kahl Boy German Bald
Kamilla Girl Latin N/A
Karin Girl Greek Pure
Karina Girl Greek Pure
Karl Boy Germanic Free man
Karla Girl German Free man
Karlina Girl German Free man
Karsten Boy Latin Follower of Christ
Katarina Girl Greek Pure
Katharina Girl Greek [Pure]
Katharine Girl Greek Pure
Katherin Girl Greek Pure
Kathrin Girl Greek [Pure]
Katja Girl Greek [Pure]
Katrin Girl Greek Pure
Keifer Boy German Barrel-maker; fo...
Keil Boy German Clumsy person
Keiler Boy German Clumsy person; s...
Kiefer Boy German Barrel-maker; fo...
Kiel Boy Germanic N/A
Kjell Boy Norwegian Helmet; protection
Klara Girl Latin Clear; bright; f...