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Gaelic generally refers to a subgroup of Celtic languages: Irish, Manx (from the Isle of Man) and Scottish or Scots Gaelic. It was once referred to as a “dying” language but it has experienced a solid resurgence and, along with it, Gaelic names have become incredibly popular all over the English speaking world. Gaelic names are deeply steeped in mythology and legend and most have that “old world” flair that many parents find attractive. Our Gaelic baby names list contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references for you to browse.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Dalziel Boy Gaelic White field
Damhán Boy Gaelic Fawn
Dara Both Hebrew Mother-of-pearl
Darragh Boy Gaelic Fertile
Deirdre Girl Gaelic Uncertain, perha...
Deòiridh Girl Gaelic Pilgrim
Diarmaid Boy Gaelic Without enemies
Dimpna Girl Gaelic Young deer
Diorbhail Girl Gaelic A pledge
Domhnall Boy Gaelic World rule
Domnall Boy Gaelic World rule
Donald Boy Gaelic World rule
Donnag Girl Gaelic World rule
Donnagán Boy Gaelic Brown, dark
Donnghal Boy Gaelic Brown + valour
Doone Boy Gaelic Descendant of Da...
Drostan Boy Gaelic Temult
Drust Boy Gaelic Tumult
Drustan Boy Gaelic Tumult
Dubhán Boy Gaelic Dark, black
Dubhdara Boy Gaelic Dark oak
Dubhshíth Boy Gaelic Black peace
Dubhshlán Boy Gaelic Dark challenge, ...
Dubhthach Boy Gaelic Dark, black
Duinnsliabh Boy Gaelic Brown mountain
Duncan Boy Gaelic Brown chief
Dune Boy English Sand hill or mou...
Dwaine Boy Gaelic Dark, black
Eachann Boy Gaelic Horse lord
Eadbhard Boy English Wealth protector