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Gaelic generally refers to a subgroup of Celtic languages: Irish, Manx (from the Isle of Man) and Scottish or Scots Gaelic. It was once referred to as a “dying” language but it has experienced a solid resurgence and, along with it, Gaelic names have become incredibly popular all over the English speaking world. Gaelic names are deeply steeped in mythology and legend and most have that “old world” flair that many parents find attractive. Our Gaelic baby names list contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references for you to browse.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ceallachán Boy Gaelic War; strife; bri...
Cearbhall Boy Gaelic Fierce warrior
Cearnaigh Boy Gaelic Victorious
Cearney Boy Gaelic Victorious
Cearúil Boy Gaelic Fierce warrior
Ceiteag Girl Greek Pure
Cillian Boy Gaelic War; strife; bri...
Cionnfhaola... Boy Gaelic Wolf head
Ciorstaidh Girl N/A N/A
Clóda Girl Gaelic N/A
Clodagh Girl Gaelic N/A
Clooney Boy Gaelic Deceitful; flatt...
Cluney Boy Gaelic Deceitful; flatt...
Coffey Girl Gaelic Victorious
Cohen Boy Hebrew Priest
Coll Boy Gaelic Hazel tree
Collin Boy Gaelic Dove
Colmán Boy Latin Dove
Connor Boy Gaelic Lover of hounds;...
Conor Boy Gaelic Lover of hounds;...
Cormac Boy Gaelic Son of raven
Costello Boy Gaelic Son of Oisdealbh...
Cowie Boy Gaelic Hazel
Craig Boy Gaelic Cliff; rock
Cray Boy Gaelic Curly-headed; pr...
Criosaidh Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Currey Boy English From the river C...
Currie Boy Gaelic Wet plain, marsh
Daire Boy Gaelic Fertile
Dalzell Boy Gaelic White field