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Gaelic generally refers to a subgroup of Celtic languages: Irish, Manx (from the Isle of Man) and Scottish or Scots Gaelic. It was once referred to as a “dying” language but it has experienced a solid resurgence and, along with it, Gaelic names have become incredibly popular all over the English speaking world. Gaelic names are deeply steeped in mythology and legend and most have that “old world” flair that many parents find attractive. Our Gaelic baby names list contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references for you to browse.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Quill Boy Gaelic Descendant of Coll
Raghnaid Girl Hebrew Ewe
Raghnall Boy Norse Powerful judgement
Raibeart Boy Germanic Bright fame
Raonaid Girl Hebrew Ewe
Raonull Boy Norse Ruler with counsel
Redmond Boy Gaelic Son of Raymond
Rhiannon Girl Welsh Nymph
Riagán Boy Gaelic N/A
Ríordan Boy Gaelic Small poet king
Risteárd Boy French Strong power; ha...
Robhartach Boy Gaelic Wielder of prosp...
Rodán Boy Gaelic Hearty, lively
Róis Girl Latin Rose
Roisin Girl Latin Little rose
Rórdán Boy Gaelic Small poet king
Ross Boy Gaelic Bluff or Cliff
Roy Boy Gaelic Red
Ruaidhrí Boy Gaelic Red king
Ruaraidh Boy Gaelic Red king
Ruiseart Boy French Strong power; ha...
Sachairi Boy Hebrew The Lord remembers
Sandaidh Girl Greek Defending men
Saraid Girl Gaelic Best
Séaghán Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Sean Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Seanán Both Hebrew God is gracious
Seanlaoch Boy Gaelic Old hero
Senga Girl Greek Chaste
Seoc Boy Hebrew God is gracious