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Gaelic generally refers to a subgroup of Celtic languages: Irish, Manx (from the Isle of Man) and Scottish or Scots Gaelic. It was once referred to as a “dying” language but it has experienced a solid resurgence and, along with it, Gaelic names have become incredibly popular all over the English speaking world. Gaelic names are deeply steeped in mythology and legend and most have that “old world” flair that many parents find attractive. Our Gaelic baby names list contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references for you to browse.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Magaidh Girl Greek Pearl
Maghnus Boy Latin Great
Mainchín Boy Gaelic Little monk
Mainnín Boy Gaelic Little monk
Mair Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Makenzie Girl Gaelic Son of Coinneach...
Malachi Boy Hebrew My messenger
Malamhìn Girl N/A N/A
Manus Boy Latin Great
Maolcholm Boy Gaelic Columba's servant
Maolíosa Both Gaelic Servant of Jesus
Margad Girl Greek Pearl
Margaid Girl Greek Pearl
Marsaili Girl Greek Pearl
Martainn Boy Latin From the god Mars
Mata Boy Hebrew Crops field
McGregor Boy Gaelic Son of Gregory
McKenzie Both Gaelic Son of Coinneach...
Meallán Boy Gaelic Pleasant
Micheil Boy Hebrew Who is like God?
Moirrey Girl Hebrew Bitter
Morainn Girl Gaelic White sea
Muadhnait Girl Gaelic Little noble one
Muireach Boy Gaelic Sea
Muireachadh Boy Gaelic Man of the sea
Muireadhach Boy Gaelic Sea
Muireall Girl N/A N/A
Muirgheal Girl Gaelic Bright as the sea
Muirne Girl Gaelic Beloved
Mungo Boy N/A N/A