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Choosing a Filipino baby name is a beautiful and unique way to keep alive the traditions of the Philippines. This island nation located in Southeast Asia is rich in its tradition, cuisine and biodiversity. It is not unusual for traditional Filipinos to use names such as Baby, Girlie or Sonny when naming their children and many of their names could be seen as nicknames. Our collection of Filipino baby names includes gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info, famous namesakes and pop culture references about each name. Pay homage to this beautiful island nation with a name from this selection of Filipino baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Amihan Girl Tagalog Northeast monsoo...
Amor Both Latin Love
Bayani Boy Tagalog The hero
Benjie Boy Hebrew Son of my right ...
Bituin Girl Tagalog The stars
Dakila Boy Tagalog Great; large
Dalisay Girl Tagalog Pure
Datu Boy Tagalog Cheif
Diwata Girl Tagalog Goddess
Girlie Girl English Girl
Igme Boy Tagalog N/A
Imee Girl Germanic Entire battle
Ivelis Girl French N/A
Ivelisse Girl French N/A
Manila Both Sanskrit Jewel of a son
Yvelis Girl French N/A
Yvelisse Girl French N/A