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Check out our collection of Farsi, Persian and Afghan baby names. Farsi baby names and Persian baby names are terms often used interchangeably. Our Farsi name detail pages include gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info, famous namesakes and pop culture references about each name. Farsi names are exotic and unusual and are a great choice when looking for a name that is not shared by several others in a classroom full of children. If you are searching for a name to honor your Persian heritage, youíll find lovely, little-used gems on our list of Farsi baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aban Boy Persian Waters
Adileh Girl Persian Just, fair
Afra Girl Persian Praise; the mapl...
Afri Girl Persian N/A
Afsar Girl Persian Leader; commander
Anahita Girl Persian The immaculate; ...
Aryan Boy Latin From Hadria
Azam Girl Persian Greatest
Bahar Girl Persian Spring of life; ...
Cyrus Boy Persian Sun; lord; throne
Darayavahush Boy Persian Maintain well; p...
Esther Girl Persian Star
Farah Girl Arabic Joyful
Farzan Boy Persian Wise
Farzana Girl Persian Intelligent
Gulshan Boy Indian Garden
Iryana Girl Persian Place for Raam a...
Ishtar Girl Persian Star
Jamshid Boy Persian Bright or radian...
Jasper Boy Persian Treasurer; spott...
Kohinoor Both Indian Hill
Mahtab Boy Persian Light of the moon
Mani Both Sanskrit Jewel
Manisha Girl Indian Sagacity; desire
Mehtab Boy Persian Light of the moon
Mina Girl Germanic Will, desire + h...
Namvar Boy Indian Noted, fabulous
Pari Girl Persian Fairy
Parisa Girl Persian Spritely; fairy-...
Rasa Girl Lithuanian Dew