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Fante Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aba Both Hebrew Father or grandf...
Abeeku Boy African Born on a Wednes...
Adio Girl African Born on Monday; ...
Adwoa Girl African Born on Monday
Adzo Girl African On monday born
Agymah Boy African He who leaves hi...
Akua Girl African Born on a Wednes...
Antobam Girl African Child born after...
Ata Both African Twin
Atu Boy African Saturday born
Baba Girl African Thursday born
Bobo Boy African On tuesday born
Ebo Boy African Tuesday born
Efia Girl African Born on Friday
Esi Girl African Sunday born
Fenuku Boy African Born past term
Fifi Both Hebrew He will enlarge
Jojo Both African Monday born
Kakra Girl African Youngest of twins
Kufuo Boy African The father share...
Kukua Girl African Wednesday born
Mama Girl African Saturday born
Osei Boy African Nobel
Panyin Girl African The eldest of tw...
Sisi Both African Sunday born
Twia Boy African Born after twins
Yafeu Boy African Bold
Yooku Boy African Wednesday born
Yorkoo Boy African Thursday born