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This collection of Estonian names is compiled from names used in the country of Estonia in northern Europe. Look no further than the Baltic to find the perfect name for your child! One of the most interesting (and sometimes, tricky) aspects about Estonian names is that many are unisex. According to folklore, Estonians believed that by naming a child after another person, his or her qualities, talents and temper would be transferred onto the new baby. Thus, many Estonian names have been handed down time and again over centuries. Check out our selection of Estonian baby names to find a unique name for your baby.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Maarika Girl Hebrew Bitter
Maarja Girl Hebrew Bitter
Maria Girl Hebrew Bitter
Markus Boy Latin From the god Mars
Mikk Boy Hebrew Who is like God?
Nigul Boy Greek Victory of the p...
Olev Boy Norse Ancestor
Paavo Boy Latin Small; humble
Peeter Boy Greek Stone
Pinja Girl Estonian Pine
Reet Girl Greek Pearl
Reeta Girl Greek Pearl
Reta Girl Greek Pearl
Riina Girl Greek Pure
Riki Boy French Strong power; ha...
Sandra Girl Greek Defending men
Toomas Boy Aramaic Twin
Triinu Girl Greek Pure