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English baby names are any names common to English speakers, and also names that derive from an English background. Our large list of English baby names is a perfect starting point for those looking for universally recognized names used within English speakers of the world (over a billion strong!). Our English baby names list contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references for each baby name. Choosing a baby name for your newborn is one of the most important decisions you will make for him or her. Make that choice an informed one by exploring our list of English baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ashling Girl Gaelic Dream
Ashlinn Girl Gaelic Dream
Ashlyn Girl Gaelic Dream
Ashton Boy English Settlement in th...
Asia Girl Assyrian The east
Askan Boy Germanic (Spear) of the w...
Asphodelle Girl Greek N/A
Aster Both Greek Star
Aston Boy English Eastern town
Astrid Girl Norse God + fair, beau...
Athaliah Both Hebrew God is praised
Athan Boy Greek Immortal
Athelstan Boy Germanic Noble stone
Atherton Boy English Aedelhere's sett...
Atkin Boy Hebrew Man; earth
Atkins Boy Hebrew Man; earth
Atlanta Girl Greek Balanced
Aubrey Both Germanic Elfin king
Auden Boy English Old friend
Audrey Girl English Noble strength
Audrianna Girl Latin Audrey and anna ...
Audrina Girl English Noble strength
August Boy Latin Venerated
Augusta Girl Latin Venerated
Augustine Both Latin Venerated
Augustus Boy Latin Venerated
Aulay Boy Norse Ancestor
Aurelian Boy Latin Little golden one
Aurick Boy Germanic Nobel power; nob...
Aurora Girl Latin Dawn