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Earthy Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Jewel Girl English Precious stone
Jonquil Girl English Narcissus flower
June Girl English The sixth month ...
Juniper Both Latin Juniper bush
Khronos Boy Greek Time
Kitty Girl English Cat; young cat
Kodiak Boy Russian Island
Lark Girl English Bird
Laurel Girl Latin Laurel
Lavender Girl English Lavender
Leaf Boy English Leaf of a plant
Lilac Girl French Lilac flower; pa...
Lily Girl English Lily
Lily-Rose Girl English Combination of L...
Linden Boy German Lime tree
Linnaea Girl Swedish Linnaea flower
Linnet Girl English Linnet bird
Lobelia Girl English Lobelia flower
Lotus Girl Greek Lotus flower
Luna Girl Latin Moon
Luz Both Spanish Light
Magnolia Girl Latin Magnol's flower
Maple Both English Maple
Mare Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Marigold Girl English Golden Mary
Mavis Girl English Song thrush
May Girl English The fifth month ...
Meadow Girl English A meadow; a gras...
Misty Girl English Misty; foggy
Moon Both English Moon