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There’s more to the Dutch than tulips, wooden shoes and windmills! There are amazing Dutch baby name options to add to your list of baby name faves! Popular baby names from the Netherlands range from the familiar (like Emma and Erik) through the exotic (like Lysanne and Maas). The Dutch are known for their creativity (The Netherlands are home to brilliant artists Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt and MC Escher, to name but a few), and this also applies to their baby names. Explore our collection of Dutch baby names and make the best choice for your baby-to-be.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aal Both Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Aalt Both Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Aaltje Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Aalwijn Boy Germanic Noble friend
Abelone Girl Latin From Apollo
Abich Boy Frisian Noble
Abrahana Girl Hebrew Father of a migh...
Adalbert Boy Germanic Nobly bright
Adel Boy Arabic Justice
Adelbert Boy Germanic Nobly bright
Adelbrecht Boy German Nobly bright
Adelheid Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Adinda Girl Literary Oldest daughter
Adolfine Girl English Noble wolf
Adriaan Boy Latin From Hadria
Adrianus Boy Latin From Hadria
Adrie Boy Latin From Hadria
Aelwyn Boy Germanic Noble friend
Aga Girl Frisian Sword
Agie Girl Greek Good
Aglaja Girl Greek Splendor; beauti...
Agneta Girl Greek Chaste
Ago Boy Germanic Sword
Aike Boy Frisian Sword
Aiko Both Japanese Love child
Ailke Both Frisian Sword
Ake Boy Frisian Sword
Alard Boy Germanic Noble and hardy/...
Alberik Boy English Elfin king
Albracht Boy Germanic Nobly bright