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There’s more to the Dutch than tulips, wooden shoes and windmills! There are amazing Dutch baby name options to add to your list of baby name faves! Popular baby names from the Netherlands range from the familiar (like Emma and Erik) through the exotic (like Lysanne and Maas). The Dutch are known for their creativity (The Netherlands are home to brilliant artists Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt and MC Escher, to name but a few), and this also applies to their baby names. Explore our collection of Dutch baby names and make the best choice for your baby-to-be.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Brun Boy Germanic Armour; brown; s...
Bruna Girl Germanic Armour; brown; s...
Brunhilde Girl Germanic Battle armour
Carel Boy German Free man
Carla Girl German Man
Carlijn Girl German Free man
Carolina Girl German Free man
Caroline Girl German Free man
Caspar Boy Persian Treasurer
Casper Boy Persian Treasurer
Catharina Girl Greek Pure
Celina Girl Greek Moon
Chiel Boy Hebrew Who is similar?
Christiaan Boy Latin Follower of Christ
Christof Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Christofoor Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Clarissa Girl Latin Clear; bright; f...
Clasina Girl Greek Victory of the p...
Claudien Girl Latin Disabled
Claudina Girl Latin Disabled
Claus Boy Greek Victory of the p...
Cobus Boy Dutch Supplanter, hold...
Coen Boy Germanic Experienced advi...
Constantijn Boy Latin Steadfast
Coos Both Hebrew Supplanted; held...
Corina Girl Greek Maiden
Cornelis Boy Latin Horn; horned
Corrie Girl Greek Maiden
Crispijn Boy Latin Curly-headed
Daniel Boy Hebrew God is my judge