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There’s more to the Dutch than tulips, wooden shoes and windmills! There are amazing Dutch baby name options to add to your list of baby name faves! Popular baby names from the Netherlands range from the familiar (like Emma and Erik) through the exotic (like Lysanne and Maas). The Dutch are known for their creativity (The Netherlands are home to brilliant artists Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt and MC Escher, to name but a few), and this also applies to their baby names. Explore our collection of Dutch baby names and make the best choice for your baby-to-be.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Anders Boy Greek Man, warrior
Andine Girl Greek Man, warrior
Andre Boy Greek Man, warrior
Andries Boy Greek Man, warrior
Angelika Girl Greek Messenger
Aniek Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Anika Both Hebrew Grace; favour
Anke Both Hebrew Grace; favour
Ankie Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Anna Both Hebrew Grace; favour
Anneke Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Annelies Girl Dutch Fuse of Anna and...
Annemarie Girl German Fuse of Anna and...
Annetta Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Annika Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Anske Girl Germanic Eagle
Anso Boy Germanic Eagle
Antje Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Anton Boy Latin N/A
Antonia Girl Latin N/A
Arie Boy Latin From Hadria
Arjen Boy Latin From Hadria
Armide Girl Italian N/A
Arn Boy Germanic Powerful eagle
Arno Boy Germanic Powerful eagle
Arnold Boy Germanic Powerful eagle
Arnout Boy Germanic Powerful eagle
Arnt Boy Germanic Powerful eagle
Arwin Boy Germanic Uncertain, possi...
Aster Both Greek Star