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Mirror, Mirror on the wall: What are the fairest baby names of all? Take your Disney fandom to a whole new level by drawing inspiration from your favorite Disney characters. Baby names from Disney films can really queue up positive memories as these films have been instrumental in the childhoods of countless people and many a young personality was shaped by the likes of such classics as The Lion King, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. If you're a fan of Disney and you're seeking the perfect name for your baby-to-be, check out these Disney baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abu Boy Arabic Father
Aladdin Boy Arabic Servant of Allah
Ariel Both Hebrew Lion of God
Aurora Girl Latin Dawn
Bambi Girl Italian Little girl
Belle Girl French Beautiful
Briar-Rose Girl English Rose within a pr...
Cinderella Girl English Little ash girl
Eric Boy Norse Eternal ruler
Esmeralda Girl Spanish Emerald
Faline Girl English Uncertain, perha...
Fauna Girl Latin Animal life
Flora Girl Latin Flower
Flower Girl English A bloom
Gaston Boy French Uncertain, perha...
Giselle Girl German Hostage; pledge
Iago Boy Hebrew Grasp by the heel
Jafar Boy Arabic Stream
Jasmine Girl Persian Jasmine
Jonas Boy Hebrew Dove
Kiara Girl Latin Clear; bright; f...
Lilo Boy German N/A
Megara Girl Greek Possibly means "...
Merryweather Boy English One with a sunny...
Mickey Boy Hebrew Who is like God?
Miley Girl Hawaiian Vine
Minnie Girl Germanic Will, desire + h...
Nala Both Sanskrit Stem, hollow reed
Nemo Boy Latin No one
Perdita Girl Latin Lost