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Danish baby names are names whose origin is in the northern European country of Denmark. Danish baby names (including Norse and Scandinavian names) have been stylish throughout history. Some, like Kirsten and Karen for girls and Jakob and Cristoffer for boys, have popular for generations. Danish baby names are currently trendy in the US and it isn’t unusual to see new babies named Soren, Anders, Finn or Maren. In Denmark parents can choose from a list of 7,000 pre-approved names for their babies. Luckily, you have more to choose from! Check out the collection of cool Danish baby names we’ve put together.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abelone Girl Latin From Apollo
Agathe Girl Greek Good
Agda Girl Greek Good
Agnete Girl Greek Chaste
Agnethe Girl Greek Chaste
Aksel Boy Hebrew Father of peace
Anders Boy Greek Man, warrior
Andrea Both Greek Man, warrior; ma...
Ane Both Hebrew Grace; favour
Anja Girl Russian Favor, grace
Anker Boy Danish Harvester
Annelise Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Ansgar Boy Germanic Spear of the gods
Ansgard Girl Germanic Garden of the gods
Asger Boy Norse Spear of god
Axel Boy Hebrew Father of peace
Baltser Boy Phoenician God or Lord prot...
Barbra Girl Greek Foreign, strange
Becker Boy English Beech tree; Stream
Benedikta Girl Latin Blessed
Benedikte Girl Latin Blessed
Berit Girl Gaelic The exalted one
Bernt Boy Germanic Bear brave; brav...
Birgitte Girl Gaelic The exalted one
Bodil Girl Norse Cure or remedy f...
Canute Boy Norse Knot
Cecilie Girl Latin Blind
Christa Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Christer Boy Latin Follower of Christ
Cnut Boy Norse Knot