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Danish baby names are names whose origin is in the northern European country of Denmark. Danish baby names (including Norse and Scandinavian names) have been stylish throughout history. Some, like Kirsten and Karen for girls and Jakob and Cristoffer for boys, have popular for generations. Danish baby names are currently trendy in the US and it isn’t unusual to see new babies named Soren, Anders, Finn or Maren. In Denmark parents can choose from a list of 7,000 pre-approved names for their babies. Luckily, you have more to choose from! Check out the collection of cool Danish baby names we’ve put together.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Eluf Boy Swedish Lone descendant
Erik Boy Norse Eternal ruler
Finn Both Gaelic Fair
Frederik Boy German Peaceful ruler; ...
Frejdis Girl Norse Woman of Freyr
Gudrun Girl Germanic Who knows the se...
Gunhild Girl Norse Battle maid
Gustav Boy Germanic Stave of the Goths
Hagen Boy German Enclosure; high ...
Hákon Boy Norse Chosen son
Haldor Boy Norse Thor's rock
Halldor Boy Norse Thor's rock
Halvor Boy Norse Rock guardian
Hans Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Harald Boy English Leader of an army
Harold Boy English Leader of an army
Hedda Girl German Contentious war;...
Henning Boy Germanic Home ruler
Herdis Girl Norse Warrior's woman;...
Hilda Girl Germanic Battle; war
Hjørdis Girl Norse Sword maiden
Idun Girl Norse To renew nature
Iduna Girl Norse To renew nature
Ingebjørg Girl Norse Ing's aid
Ingjerd Girl Norse Ing's place
Jacobine Girl Hebrew Supplanted; held...
Jaeger Boy German Huntsman
Jens Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Johan Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Jost Boy Breton Experienced in b...