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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abbey Both Hebrew Father in rejoic...
Abbie Girl Hebrew Father in rejoic...
Addie Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Aggie Girl English N/A
Aidan Boy Gaelic Little fire
Alex Both Greek Defending men
Allie Girl English N/A
Amy Girl French Loved
Anahi Girl Persian The immaculate; ...
Asher Boy Hebrew Fortunate; bless...
Becca Girl Hebrew To tie
Becky Girl Hebrew To tie
Billy Boy Germanic Will, desire + h...
Birdie Girl English Bird
Bobby Both Germanic Bright fame
Callie Girl Greek Most beautiful
Carli Girl German Free man
Carlie Girl German Free man
Carly Girl German Free man
Carter Boy English Transporter of m...
Casey Both American E... From Cayce
Ceci Girl Latin Blind
ChloŽ Girl Greek Young shoot
Christy Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Cody Boy Gaelic Descendant of Cu...
Colby Boy English Coalworker; coal...
Corey Both Germanic God's peace
Dom Boy Latin Lord
Ettie Girl Germanic Home ruler
Franny Girl N/A N/A