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Croatian names are fairly similar to most other European names, particularly those of other Slavic countries. Many of the names in our Croatian baby names list are used in both Croatia and Serbia. If you are looking for a stunning, uncommon name for your baby, a Croatian baby name might be exactly what you’re looking for. (The most popular names in Croatia, for example, are Lucija for girls and Luka for boys.) Complete with gender and pronunciations, meaning information, popularity charts, famous namesakes and additional references, our collection of Croatian baby names will make choosing a cool baby name simple.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aleksandar Boy Greek Defending men
Ana Both Hebrew Grace; favour
Andela Girl Greek Messenger
Andelko Boy Greek Messenger
Andrej Boy Greek Man, warrior
Andro Boy Greek Man, warrior
Anka Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Ante Boy Latin N/A
Anto Boy Latin N/A
Antun Boy Latin N/A
Arnost Boy German Earnest, serious
Baldo Boy Phoenician God or Lord prot...
Basia Girl Greek Foreign, strange
Benesj Boy Latin Blessed
Bojan Boy Slavonic Battle
Bojana Girl Slavonic Battle
Danica Girl Slavonic Morning star
Danilo Boy Hebrew God is my judge
Darko Boy Slavonic Gift
Demetrjusz Boy Greek Earth mother
Drazan Boy Croatian Treasured; preci...
Dubravko Boy Croatian Oak grove
Franjo Boy Latin From France
Goran Boy Croatian Muntain dweller
Grgur Boy Greek Watcher
Isaïr Boy Hebrew Man
Ivana Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Ivona Girl French Yew
Izolde Girl Welsh Beautiful
Jadranka Girl Latin From Hadria