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Croatian names are fairly similar to most other European names, particularly those of other Slavic countries. Many of the names in our Croatian baby names list are used in both Croatia and Serbia. If you are looking for a stunning, uncommon name for your baby, a Croatian baby name might be exactly what you’re looking for. (The most popular names in Croatia, for example, are Lucija for girls and Luka for boys.) Complete with gender and pronunciations, meaning information, popularity charts, famous namesakes and additional references, our collection of Croatian baby names will make choosing a cool baby name simple.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Jadranko Boy Latin From Hadria
Jakov Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Jakova Girl Hebrew Supplanter
Janika Both Hebrew God is gracious
Jozo Boy Hebrew He will enlarge
Katarina Girl Greek Pure
Mare Girl Hebrew Uncertain, maybe...
Marija Girl Hebrew Bitter
Marko Boy Latin From the god Mars
Mascha Girl Hebrew Bitter
Maschinka Girl Hebrew Bitter
Miho Boy Hebrew Who is like God?
Mihovil Boy Hebrew Who is like God?
Mila Girl Latin Rival; emulating
Milan Boy Czech Dear; beloved
Mirna Girl Gaelic Beloved; affection
Miroslav Boy Slavonic Peace + Glory
Nada Girl Croatian Hope
Niko Boy Greek Victory of the p...
Nikola Boy Greek Victory of the p...
Olga Girl German Holy
Pavao Boy Latin Small; humble
Petar Boy Greek Stone
Renata Girl Latin Reborn
Stanislaus Boy Slavonic Famous for his s...
Tanja Girl Latin N/A
Teodor Boy Greek Gift of God
Toma Boy Aramaic Twin
Valerija Girl Latin To be healthy, s...
Vanja Both Hebrew God is gracious