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If you’re searching for baby names of a certain hue, then you should definitely check out our collection of color baby names. Do you find Pink unoriginal? Well then, how about Magenta? What about Coral…or Jett or Grey? We have an entire palette of color baby names for you to browse. Our name detail pages include gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info, notable namesakes and pop culture references about each name. If you’re looking for the perfect baby name for your little masterpiece, look no further than this list of color baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Blue Both English Blue
Bowie Boy Gaelic Yellow; fair-hai...
Boyd Boy Gaelic Yellow-gold
Brick Boy French Foolish, lazy; C...
Brown Boy English Brown
Brunella Girl Germanic Armour; brown; s...
Burgundy Both English Region of France...
Cam Both Gaelic Man with crooked...
Cerise Girl French Cherry
Cherry Girl English Cherry
Chloris Girl Greek Pale green; fresh
Cinnabar Both English Mercuric sulphid...
Cinnamon Girl Greek A spice
Cloris Girl Greek Pale green; fresh
Colorado Boy Spanish Colorful
Coral Girl English Coral; deep pink
Crimson Girl English Crimson, red
Cyan Both English Greenish-blue
Dhaval Boy Sanskrit White, pure white
Dhavala Boy Sanskrit White, pure white
Dhavalachan... Boy Sanskrit White moon
Dhawal Boy Sanskrit White, pure white
Ebony Both English Ebony wood
Emerald Girl Greek Green gemstone
Esmeralda Girl Spanish Emerald
Esmerelda Girl Spanish Emerald
Farrar Boy English Grey
Farrow Girl English Grey
Fawn Girl English Young deer
Feruzi Both Swahili Turquoise