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Celtic baby names tend to have a magical, timeless, and a musical feel. The Celts believed that a name should be beautiful and exceptional because it forms part a child's identity for the rest of their lives. Celtic languages are spoken on the north-western edge of Europe, notably in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall, and the Isle of Man. Our Celtic baby names list is made up of names from all of these locales. Our name detail pages include gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info, notable namesakes and pop culture references about each name. Go ahead and begin the search for the perfect Celtic baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Eleri Girl Welsh N/A
Elgan Boy Welsh Bright; circle
Elis Boy Hebrew My god is the lord
Elliw Girl Welsh Colour
Elouan Boy Breton Good light
Eluned Girl Welsh N/A
Elva Girl Gaelic Scotland
Elwen Girl English Friend of elves
Emer Girl Gaelic Uncertain, possi...
Enat Girl Gaelic Little fire
Enfys Girl Welsh Rainbow
Eoghan Boy Gaelic Born from the ye...
Eoin Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Epona Girl French Horse goddess
Erin Both Gaelic From Ireland
Erina Girl Gaelic From Ireland
Erinn Girl Gaelic From Ireland
Ervin Boy English Green water; boa...
Ervine Boy English Green water; boa...
Erving Boy English Green water; boa...
Esras Boy Gaelic Proscribe; empower
Eunys Girl Greek Fair victory
Eurfyl Boy Welsh Gold
Euriona Girl Welsh Gold
Fáilbhe Boy N/A N/A
Fainche Girl N/A A boil-crow
Farley Boy English Fern wood
Farquar Boy Gaelic Beloved man
Farquhar Boy Gaelic Beloved man
Farrel Boy Gaelic Descendant of Fe...