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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Alabama Girl Native Ame... Uncertain, perha...
Aviana Girl Latin N/A
Baron Boy Germanic Freeman
Bingham Boy English Manger home, man...
Birdie Girl English Bird
Bristol Boy English Bridge place, br...
Brooklyn Both Dutch Uncertain, perha...
Charlie Boy Germanic Free man
Coco Girl French N/A
Emme Girl Latin Rival; emulating
Fianna Girl Gaelic Soldiers, group ...
Finn Both Gaelic Fair
Goldie Girl English Having the color...
Hayes Boy English Enclosure
Honey Girl English Honey
Huckleberry Boy English Huckleberry
Indio Both Spanish Indian, indigeno...
Ireland Girl English Land of Ériu
Java Both Possibly 'home' ...
Kaius Boy American E... Rejoice
Kassius Boy Latin Empty, poor, rob...
Kingston Boy English King's town
Knight Boy English Knight
Knox Boy English Round-topped hill
Lou Both Germanic Fame and war
Maceo Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Maple Both English Maple
Memphis Both Greek N/A
North Boy English North
Olea Girl Latin Pertaining to th...