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So, you need a baby name, eh? Take a gander at our wealth of Canadian baby names! What kinds of baby names are popular for boys and girls in Canada and, are there any names that are blowing up in Canada alone (Noemi? Oceane? Felix?)? We've got your answers here, along with info on all the top Canadian baby names, including gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info and more. Before you know it, you'll be choosing that perfect baby name for your Canadian baby-to-be!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ellery Both Latin Cheerful
Elsabeth Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Ember Girl English Burned coal
Emma Girl German All-containing; ...
Emma-Lee Girl English A combination of...
Emmi Girl Latin Rival; emulating
Ethan Boy Hebrew Strong, firm, im...
Etienne Boy Greek Crown
Evan Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Evelia Girl Hebrew Life
Felix Boy Latin Happy, lucky, fo...
Flora Girl Latin Flower
Florence Girl Latin Blossoming; char...
Francine Girl Latin From France
Gabe Boy Hebrew God is my might
Gabriella Girl Hebrew God is my might
Gavin Boy Welsh White hawk of ba...
Georgina Girl Greek Earth worker
Ginny Girl Latin Maiden
Gordy Boy English Large fort
Greta Girl Greek Pearl
Hailee Both English Hay clearing or ...
Hailey Both English Hay clearing or ...
Haily Girl English Hay clearing or ...
Hal Boy English Leader of an army
Haley Both English Hay clearing or ...
Hank Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Hanna Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Hannah Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Hans Boy Hebrew God is gracious