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So, you need a baby name, eh? Take a gander at our wealth of Canadian baby names! What kinds of baby names are popular for boys and girls in Canada and, are there any names that are blowing up in Canada alone (Noemi? Oceane? Felix?)? We've got your answers here, along with info on all the top Canadian baby names, including gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info and more. Before you know it, you'll be choosing that perfect baby name for your Canadian baby-to-be!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sinclair Boy English "Saint Clair" me...
Sissy Girl Latin Blind
Sky Both Norse Sky
Skylar Both Dutch Guarded; scholar
Slade Boy English Valley
Sloan Both American E... Fighter
Sloane Both American E... Fighter
Sly Boy Latin A forest
Sofie Girl Greek Wisdom
Sol Boy Hebrew Peace
Solange Girl Latin Solemn
Soleil Girl French Sun
Solène Girl Latin Solemn
Solomon Boy Hebrew Peace
Somerset Boy English Summer settlement
Sommer Girl English Summer
Sondra Girl Greek Defending men
Sonia Girl Greek Wisdom
Sophia Girl Greek Wisdom
Spiro Boy Greek Spirit
Spring Girl English To burst forth; ...
Stacey Both Greek Resurrection
Staci Girl Greek Resurrection
Stacia Girl Greek Resurrection
Stacie Girl Greek Resurrection
Stacy Girl Greek Resurrection
Stafford Boy English From Olde Englis...
Stan Boy English Meadow that is s...
Stanley Boy English Meadow that is s...
Star Girl Latin Star