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So, you need a baby name, eh? Take a gander at our wealth of Canadian baby names! What kinds of baby names are popular for boys and girls in Canada and, are there any names that are blowing up in Canada alone (Noemi? Oceane? Felix?)? We've got your answers here, along with info on all the top Canadian baby names, including gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info and more. Before you know it, you'll be choosing that perfect baby name for your Canadian baby-to-be!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Régis Boy Latin King
Reid Boy English Red
Reinhold Boy Germanic Ruler with counsel
Rémy Boy Latin Oarsman
Rena Girl Latin Reborn
Renard Boy Germanic Brave counsel
Renata Girl Latin Reborn
René Boy Latin Reborn
Renee Girl Latin Reborn
Reuben Boy Hebrew Behold, a son
Rex Boy Latin King
Reynaldo Boy Germanic Ruler with counsel
Reynard Boy Germanic Brave counsel
Reynold Boy Germanic Ruler with counsel
Rhett Boy English Advice, counsel
Rhian Girl Welsh Maiden
Rhiana Girl Welsh Nymph
Rhiannon Girl Welsh Nymph
Rhoda Girl Greek Rose; woman from...
Rhona Girl English N/A
Rhonda Girl Greek Rose; woman from...
Rhonwen Girl Welsh White lance; whi...
Ria Girl Hebrew Bitter
Riana Girl Welsh Nymph
Rianna Girl Welsh Nymph
Rica Girl Germanic Powerful protect...
Ricardo Boy French Strong power; ha...
Ricca Girl Germanic Powerful protect...
Rich Boy French Well built, hardy
Richelle Girl French Strong power; ha...