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Cambodia is a lush tropical kingdom bordered by sea and mountains. Sounds lovely, doesn?t it? Cambodian baby names originate from the Khmer language. Traditionally, Cambodian names consist of a family name followed by a given name (opposite of Americans or Europeans). Girls are usually given names relating to beauty, and boys are given names of virtues or desirable qualities. Take a gander at our Cambodian baby names list and find that perfect name you?ve been searching for. We have all the Cambodian names you could want, including gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info and more.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Samnang Both Cambodian Good fortune
Sopheap Both Cambodian Proper and gentle
Sovann Boy Cambodian Like gold
Veasna Boy Cambodian Luckily
Veata Girl Cambodian Clever
Vibol Boy Cambodian In abundance