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Finding the perfect baby name is difficult, but a Bulgarian name might be right up your alley. Bulgarian baby names are used in the country of Bulgaria in southeastern Europe. Bulgarians use many traditional Slavic baby names as well as commonly encountered European names. Additionally, Bulgarian words are also sometimes used as names. If you are looking for Bulgarian baby names, we have a large selection for you to browse. Don?t make naming your baby seem as difficult as scaling the Balkans when it can be a decision made easy with our list of Bulgarian baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aleksandar Boy Greek Defending men
Ana Both Hebrew Grace; favour
Anastas Boy Greek Resurrection
Anastasiya Girl Greek Resurrection
Andrei Boy Greek Man, warrior
Anelia Girl Literary N/A
Anelie Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Aneliya Girl Literary N/A
Angel Both Greek Messenger
Anka Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Anna Both Hebrew Grace; favour
Anton Boy Latin N/A
Arnost Boy German Earnest, serious
Basia Girl Greek Foreign, strange
Benesj Boy Latin Blessed
Bogdan Boy Polish Gift of god
Borislav Boy Slavonic Famous battle
Borislaw Boy Slavonic Famous battle
Branimir Boy Slavonic Protected peace;...
Desislav Boy Slavonic Search for glory...
Desislava Girl Slavonic Search for glory...
Dimitar Boy Greek Earth mother
Elisaveta Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Evdokiya Girl Greek Good glory
Fidanka Girl N/A N/A
Gala Girl Russian Calm
Galina Girl Greek Calm
Gavril Boy Hebrew God is my might
Grigor Boy Greek Watcher
Hristo Boy Greek Bearer of Christ