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Finding the perfect baby name is difficult, but a Bulgarian name might be right up your alley. Bulgarian baby names are used in the country of Bulgaria in southeastern Europe. Bulgarians use many traditional Slavic baby names as well as commonly encountered European names. Additionally, Bulgarian words are also sometimes used as names. If you are looking for Bulgarian baby names, we have a large selection for you to browse. Don?t make naming your baby seem as difficult as scaling the Balkans when it can be a decision made easy with our list of Bulgarian baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Teodor Boy Greek Gift of God
Todor Boy Greek Gift of God
Toma Boy Aramaic Twin
Trifon Boy Greek Soft
Valentin Boy Latin Healthy, strong
Veronika Girl Greek Victory bringer
Viktor Boy Latin Victor
Violeta Girl Latin Violet
Vladimír Boy Slavonic To rule with gre...
Vladimíra Girl Slavonic To rule with gre...
Vladislav Boy Slavonic Glorious rule