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Finding the perfect baby name is difficult, but a Bulgarian name might be right up your alley. Bulgarian baby names are used in the country of Bulgaria in southeastern Europe. Bulgarians use many traditional Slavic baby names as well as commonly encountered European names. Additionally, Bulgarian words are also sometimes used as names. If you are looking for Bulgarian baby names, we have a large selection for you to browse. Don?t make naming your baby seem as difficult as scaling the Balkans when it can be a decision made easy with our list of Bulgarian baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Iskra Girl Slavonic Spark
Ivana Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Kalina Girl Russian Rowan tree
Margarita Girl Greek Pearl
Marina Girl Latin From the god Mars
Mariya Girl Hebrew Bitter
Marko Boy Latin From the god Mars
Mascha Girl Hebrew Bitter
Maschinka Girl Hebrew Bitter
Mila Girl Latin Rival; emulating
Milan Boy Czech Dear; beloved
Milena Girl Czech Gracious; pet fo...
Milenka Girl Czech Pet form of Milo...
Nikola Boy Greek Victory of the p...
Nikolai Boy Greek Victory of the p...
Olga Girl German Holy
Pavel Boy Latin Small; humble
Pavla Girl Latin Small; humble
Pavlina Girl Latin Small; humble
Petar Boy Greek Stone
Rada Girl N/A Joyfulness
Raina Girl Latin Queen
Raya Girl Hebrew Friend
Rayna Girl Latin Queen
Sergei Boy Latin Servant
Sergey Boy Latin Servant
Siméon Boy Hebrew Listening
Stanislaus Boy Slavonic Famous for his s...
Stefan Boy Greek Crown
Svetlana Girl Russian Light