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We've got the most trendy baby names in Great Britain! What kinds of baby names are popular for boys and girls in the United Kingdom and, are there any names that are truly unique to Britain (Pippa? Fergie? Ringo?)? We have it all for you here, served up as easy as a spot of tea! Our British baby names list contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and pop culture references for each baby name. Check out our British baby names and capture that distinctive UK style with which to bless your bub. Cheerio!

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Polly Girl Hebrew N/A
Pollyanna Girl English Combination of P...
Poppy Girl English Poppy flower
Porsha Girl Latin Pig
Portia Girl Latin Pig
Posy Girl Hebrew He will enlarge
Prentice Boy English Apprentice
Prentiss Boy English Apprentice
Prescot Boy English Priest cottage/d...
Prescott Boy English Priest cottage/d...
Presley Boy English Priest clearing
Price Boy Welsh Son of Rhys
Priestley Boy English Priest clearing
Priestly Boy English Priest clearing
Primrose Girl Latin First rose
Priscilla Girl Latin Ancient
Prissy Girl Latin Ancient
Proctor Boy English Steward
Prosper Boy Latin Prosperous
Pru Girl Latin Provident
Prudence Girl Latin Provident
Prudie Girl Latin Provident
Prudy Girl Latin Provident
Prue Girl Latin Provident
Prunella Girl Latin Plum
Pryce Boy Welsh Son of Rhys
Purcell Boy English Swineherd
Quarry Boy English Tickset, portly;...
Rae Girl Hebrew Ewe
Raeburn Boy English Roebuck stream