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Brittany is a cultural region in the north-west of France and the home of Breton baby names. Brittany is considered as one of the six Celtic nations and names of Breton origin are uniquely French and Gallo. The Breton language is closely related to Cornish and both Cornish and Breton baby names are incredibly beautiful, distinct and unique: everything a new parent wants. Brittany is closely associated with the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, so if you are looking for a romantic and historic name for your little swashbuckler or princess, check out our Breton baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Haerviu Boy Breton Battle worthy or...
Herve Boy Breton Battle worthy or...
Jocosa Girl Breton Lord
Jodocus Boy Breton Experienced in b...
Josse Boy Breton Experienced in b...
Jost Boy Breton Experienced in b...
Joyce Both Breton Experienced in b...
Katarin Girl Greek Pure
Katell Girl Greek Pure
Kireg Boy Welsh Benevolence
Loan Boy Breton Good light
Loic Boy Germanic Fame and war
Madeg Boy Welsh Good; generous
Maden Boy Gaelic Good
Mael Both Breton Prince
Maela Girl Breton Prince
MaŽlle Girl Breton Prince
Mahť Both Hebrew Gift of God
Maugan Boy Breton Well-born boy
Mazhe Boy Hebrew Gift of God
Nolwenn Girl Breton Pure one from Noal
Oanez Girl Greek Chaste
Padrig Boy Latin Patrician
Paol Boy Latin Small; humble
Pierrick Boy Greek Stone
Roparzh Boy Germanic Bright fame
Rozenn Girl Breton Rose
Tangi Both Pacific Is... Funeral, to cry ...
Tanguy Boy Breton Fire warrior
Winoc Boy Breton N/A