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Browse our list of Botswanan Baby Names and meanings to find traditional names from the African country of Botswana. Botswana is among the most sparsely populated countries in the world. The people are the Tswana, while the language they speak is Setswana and some of the richest, most historic and culturally relevant names derive from these roots. Are you looking for Botswana baby names to honor your heritage or culture? Discover exotic Tswana names such as Tau, Lerato and Kanye. We have plenty others for you to choose from, too, complete with meaning and pronunciation information as well as famous namesakes.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Baruti Boy African Educator
Dikeledi Girl African Tears
Fenyang Boy African Victor; conqueror
Goitsemedime Girl African The Lord knows
Kagiso Girl African Peace
Kanye Boy African N/A
Kefentse Boy African Conquerer
Kefilwe Girl African I'm given
Kopano Boy African The united or un...
Lerato Girl African Love
Letsego Boy African Arm; armament
Montsho Both African Black
Mosegi Boy African Tailor
Moswen Boy African Light in color
Mothudi Boy African Blacksmith
Mpho Girl African Gift
Tale Girl African Green
Tau Boy African Lion
Tebogo Boy African We are thankful