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Historically, the most popular names in the world, and throughout time, have been Biblical Names. We have the best Biblical Baby Names for you to peruse, from Abigail to Nebuchadnezzar to Zipporah. Find bible name meanings and popular biblical names for your boy or girl in our large database. Biblical baby names are warm, classic, universally understood and never go out of style: everything you could possibly want in a baby name. Whether you are looking for the unique and unusual or the popular and cool, we have the best Biblical baby names for you to choose from.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Toms Boy Aramaic Twin
Tov Boy Hebrew Good
Tovia Both Hebrew Goodness of God
Toviah Both Hebrew Goodness of my God
Toviya Both Hebrew Goodness of my God
Tzafnat Girl Hebrew Hidden
Tzalaf Boy Hebrew Caper shrub
Tzalul Boy Hebrew Limpid
Tzedekiah Boy Hebrew Righteousness of...
Tzefanya Boy Hebrew Secret of God
Tzelafchad Boy Hebrew Guarded from wor...
Tzelofchad Boy Hebrew Guarded from wor...
Tzemach Boy Hebrew Plant
Tzeruiah Girl Hebrew Balm of God
Tzeruya Girl Hebrew Balm of God
Tzfanya Boy Hebrew Secret of God
Tzidkiyahu Boy Hebrew Justice of God
Tziporah Girl Hebrew Female bird
Tzivya Girl Hebrew Gazelle
Tzlafchad Boy Hebrew Guarded from wor...
Tzur Boy Hebrew Rock
Tzuriel Boy Hebrew Rock of God
Tzurishadai Boy Hebrew God is my rock; ...
Uriah Boy Hebrew The Lord is light
Uziah Boy Hebrew Jehovah is my st...
Uzziah Boy Hebrew God is strength
Ya'akov Boy Hebrew Supplanter; held...
Yaacov Boy Hebrew Supplanted; held...
Yaakov Boy Hebrew Supplanted; held...
Yaasiel Boy Hebrew God will make me