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Historically, the most popular names in the world, and throughout time, have been Biblical Names. We have the best Biblical Baby Names for you to peruse, from Abigail to Nebuchadnezzar to Zipporah. Find bible name meanings and popular biblical names for your boy or girl in our large database. Biblical baby names are warm, classic, universally understood and never go out of style: everything you could possibly want in a baby name. Whether you are looking for the unique and unusual or the popular and cool, we have the best Biblical baby names for you to choose from.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Adar Boy Hebrew Illustrious; exa...
Addei Boy Hebrew Adorned
Addi Boy Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Adiel Both Hebrew Adornment of the...
Adin Both Hebrew Slender; voluptu...
Adlai Boy Aramaic Refuge of God
Adna Boy Hebrew Delight
Adnah Boy Hebrew Delight
Adonai Boy Hebrew Lord; my ruler
Adoni Boy Hebrew Lord; my ruler
Adonia Both Hebrew My Lord is God
Adoniah Boy Hebrew My Lord is God
Adonijah Boy Hebrew God is my lord
Adoniya Boy Hebrew My Lord is God
Adriel Boy Hebrew Followers of God...
Aeneas Boy Greek To praise
Ahab Boy Hebrew Father's brother...
Aharon Boy Hebrew Mountain
Ahava Girl Hebrew Love; brotherhood
Ahavah Girl Hebrew Love; brotherhood
Ahiam Boy Hebrew Brother of my mo...
Ahlai Both Hebrew Ornametal; beaut...
Ajalon Both Hebrew Deer
Akim Boy Hebrew Whom God exhalts
Alemeth Boy Hebrew Shrouded; hidden...
Alexander Boy Greek Defending men
Almodad Boy Hebrew That which can n...
Alvah Boy Hebrew Height
Alvan Boy Hebrew Tall
Alvon Boy Hebrew Insult