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Historically, the most popular names in the world, and throughout time, have been Biblical Names. We have the best Biblical Baby Names for you to peruse, from Abigail to Nebuchadnezzar to Zipporah. Find bible name meanings and popular biblical names for your boy or girl in our large database. Biblical baby names are warm, classic, universally understood and never go out of style: everything you could possibly want in a baby name. Whether you are looking for the unique and unusual or the popular and cool, we have the best Biblical baby names for you to choose from.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Saul Boy Hebrew Responded; praye...
Sawyl Boy Hebrew He is called god
Sela Both Hebrew Rock
Serafina Girl Latin From seraphim, m...
Seraphina Girl Latin From seraphim, m...
Seth Boy Hebrew Appointed
Shacharayim Boy Hebrew Sunrise; morning
Shacharyim Boy Hebrew Sunrise; morning
Shad Boy Persian Commanded by Aku
Shadrach Boy Persian Commanded by Aku
Shaharaim Boy Hebrew Sunrise; morning
Shallum Boy Hebrew Uncertain meaning
Shama Boy Hebrew To hear; over th...
Sharon Girl Hebrew The plains
Sheerah Girl Hebrew Kinswoman
Shelemia Boy Hebrew Integrity of God
Shelemya Boy Hebrew Integrity of God
Shem Boy Hebrew Name, renowned
Shet Boy Hebrew Appointed
Shiloh Boy Hebrew Peaceful, tranquil
Shmuel Boy Hebrew His name is God
Silas Boy Latin Of the forest
Siméon Boy Hebrew Listening
Simon Boy Hebrew Listening
Solomon Boy Hebrew Peace
Solomona Boy Hebrew Peace
Stephen Boy Greek Crown
Susanna Girl Hebrew Lily; rose
Susannah Girl Hebrew Lily; rose
Tabitha Girl Aramaic Gazelle