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Historically, the most popular names in the world, and throughout time, have been Biblical Names. We have the best Biblical Baby Names for you to peruse, from Abigail to Nebuchadnezzar to Zipporah. Find bible name meanings and popular biblical names for your boy or girl in our large database. Biblical baby names are warm, classic, universally understood and never go out of style: everything you could possibly want in a baby name. Whether you are looking for the unique and unusual or the popular and cool, we have the best Biblical baby names for you to choose from.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Jehiel Boy Hebrew May God live
Jehohanan Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Jehoiakim Boy Hebrew God will establish
Jehu Boy Hebrew He is Jahweh
Jehudi Boy Hebrew Of the Tribe of ...
Jekuthiel Boy Hebrew God will feed
Jemima Girl Hebrew A dove
Jemimah Girl Hebrew A dove
Jemina Girl Hebrew Right hand
Jephté Boy Hebrew He will open
Jephthah Boy Hebrew He will open
Jerah Boy Hebrew Month
Jeremiah Boy Hebrew God will raise u...
Jericho Boy Hebrew City of moon god...
Jerusha Girl Hebrew Inheritance
Jerushah Girl Hebrew Inheritance
Jesarelah Boy Hebrew Right with God; ...
Jeshaiah Boy Hebrew God is salvation
Jesharelah Boy Hebrew Right with God; ...
Jesse Boy Hebrew Gift; wealthy
Jethro Boy Hebrew Pre-eminence
Jezebel Girl Hebrew Chaste, unmarried
Jezreel Boy Hebrew God will seed
Joab Boy Hebrew God is father
Joachim Boy Hebrew God will establish
Joah Boy Hebrew Brother of God
Joakim Boy Hebrew God will establish
Joanna Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Job Boy Hebrew Hated; persecuted
Jochebed Girl Hebrew God's glory