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Historically, the most popular names in the world, and throughout time, have been Biblical Names. We have the best Biblical Baby Names for you to peruse, from Abigail to Nebuchadnezzar to Zipporah. Find bible name meanings and popular biblical names for your boy or girl in our large database. Biblical baby names are warm, classic, universally understood and never go out of style: everything you could possibly want in a baby name. Whether you are looking for the unique and unusual or the popular and cool, we have the best Biblical baby names for you to choose from.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Beula Girl Hebrew Married; possessed
Beulah Girl Hebrew Conjugal
Bithiah Girl Hebrew Daughter of God
Caiaphas Boy Aramaic N/A
Caleb Boy Hebrew Dog; Heart
Canaan Boy Hebrew Meaning uncertain
Cephas Boy Aramaic Stone
Chanan Boy Hebrew Compassionate
Chanania Boy Hebrew Compassion of God
Chananya Boy Hebrew Compassion of God
Chananyahu Boy Hebrew Compassion of God
Chaniel Boy Hebrew Graciousness of ...
Channah Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Chava Girl Hebrew Life
Chenaniah Boy Hebrew Yahweh brings it...
ChloŽ Girl Greek Young shoot
Clopas Boy Aramaic N/A
Corinthian Boy Latin Of Corinth
Cornelius Boy Latin Horn; horned
Dagan Boy Hebrew Grain
Damaris Girl Greek Calf
Dan Boy Hebrew Arbiter
Daniel Boy Hebrew God is my judge
Daniele Both Hebrew God is my judge
Dara Both Hebrew Mother-of-pearl
David Boy Hebrew Beloved
Davide Boy Hebrew Beloved
Deborah Girl Hebrew Bee
Delaya Boy Hebrew God has drawn
Delila Girl Hebrew N/A