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If you?re searching for Belgian baby names, look no further! We have Belgian baby names that are finer than the country?s world-renowned chocolate and sweeter than their famous waffles! Within Europe, Belgium is very diverse, with its capital, Brussels, referred to as ?The Capital of Europe?. The Dutch, French and German languages are spoken here, so we have a good mixture of the most popular of those names, and those that are the most popular in the country itself. Which Flemish names are popular? Which baby names are most common in Flanders? Unlock the mysteries of Belgian baby names here.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Adelbert Boy Germanic Nobly bright
Adelbrecht Boy German Nobly bright
Adelgonde Girl Germanic Noble warrior
Adelheid Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Aimeus Boy Latin Loved
Alard Boy Germanic Noble and hardy/...
Aloys Boy Germanic Fame and war
Anaïs Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Andre Boy Greek Man, warrior
Angéline Girl Greek Messenger
Anique Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Annemarie Girl German Fuse of Anna and...
Audrey Girl English Noble strength
Axelle Girl Hebrew Father of peace
Benard Boy Germanic Bear brave; brav...
Boudewijn Boy Germanic Bold, brave friend
Brunhilde Girl Germanic Battle armour
Camile Both Latin N/A
Camille Both Latin Altar server
Carel Boy German Free man
Carlijn Girl German Free man
Carolina Girl German Free man
Christof Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Clara Girl Latin Clear; bright; f...
Coen Boy Germanic Experienced advi...
Dietger Boy Germanic Spear of the peo...
Edme Boy English Prosperous prote...
Edmée Girl English Prosperous prote...
Elise Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Els Girl Hebrew My God is a vow