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If you?re searching for Belgian baby names, look no further! We have Belgian baby names that are finer than the country?s world-renowned chocolate and sweeter than their famous waffles! Within Europe, Belgium is very diverse, with its capital, Brussels, referred to as ?The Capital of Europe?. The Dutch, French and German languages are spoken here, so we have a good mixture of the most popular of those names, and those that are the most popular in the country itself. Which Flemish names are popular? Which baby names are most common in Flanders? Unlock the mysteries of Belgian baby names here.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Roos Girl Dutch Rose
Roosje Girl Dutch Rose
Sanne Girl Hebrew Lily
Sarah Girl Hebrew Princess
Sebastiaan Boy Latin Man from Sebaste
Vanya Both Hebrew God is gracious
Veerle Girl Germanic Travelling + bat...
Veronike Girl Greek Victory bringer
Véronique Girl Greek Victory bringer
Victorien Both Latin Victor