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If you?re searching for Belgian baby names, look no further! We have Belgian baby names that are finer than the country?s world-renowned chocolate and sweeter than their famous waffles! Within Europe, Belgium is very diverse, with its capital, Brussels, referred to as ?The Capital of Europe?. The Dutch, French and German languages are spoken here, so we have a good mixture of the most popular of those names, and those that are the most popular in the country itself. Which Flemish names are popular? Which baby names are most common in Flanders? Unlock the mysteries of Belgian baby names here.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Emily Girl Latin Rival; emulating
Emma Girl German All-containing; ...
Emmalina Girl German All-containing; ...
Evelien Girl Hebrew Life
Farahilde Girl Germanic Travelling + bat...
Florent Boy Latin Flourishing
Florinda Girl Latin Flower
Florine Girl Latin Flower
Fons Boy Germanic Noble and ready/...
Freija Girl Norse Woman
Gervaas Boy Germanic Spear servant
Giliam Boy Germanic Will, desire and...
Godeleine Girl French Good life; godly...
Godeleva Girl Latin Good life, from ...
Godelief Both Germanic Loved by the gods
Godelieve Girl Germanic Loved by the gods
Gonda Girl Germanic Noble warrior
Helma Girl Germanic Protection; helmet
Hilaire Boy Latin Cheerful
Hubert Boy Germanic Bright mind; int...
Hugo Boy Germanic Mind, heart or s...
Ida Girl Germanic Work
Jaela Girl Hebrew Ibex
Jakobina Girl Hebrew Supplanted; held...
Jeannet Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Jens Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Joseline Girl Hebrew He will enlarge
Julie Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Karlijn Girl German Free man
Karlina Girl German Free man