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Get your Basque Baby Names here! It's difficult to find a unique name for your baby in these contemporary times, when names like North and Apple are being tossed around, but look no further than Basque country to find a baby name that you will love! Basque is the ancestral language of the Basque people--those who inhabit northeastern Spain and southwestern France--and is oftentimes referred to as the oldest language in Europe. Complete with information on meanings and famous namesakes, search through our unique collection of Basque baby names to find the perfect fit for your family.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Agurne Girl Basque Salutation
Ainhoa Girl Basque N/A
Aintza Girl Basque Glory; glorious
Alaia Girl Basque Joyful
Alazne Girl Basque Miracle
Albar Boy Germanic Nobel guardian
Amaia Girl Spanish High place
Amaya Girl Spanish High place
Ander Boy Greek Man, warrior
Andoni Boy Latin N/A
Anne Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Antton Boy Latin N/A
Balendin Boy Latin Healthy, strong
Begona Girl English Type of flower
Benat Boy German Bear-brave
Bidane Girl Basque Way; conduit
Bikendi Boy Latin Conquering
Bittor Boy Latin Victor
Danel Boy Hebrew God judges
Eder Both Basque Good looking; be...
Edorta Boy English Wealth protector
Edur Boy Basque Snow
Elixabete Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Endika Boy Germanic Home ruler
Erlea Girl Basque Honey bee; bee
Esti Girl Basque Honey
Ganix Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Gilen Boy Germanic Vow; hostage
Gorka Boy Greek Earth-worker
Gotzon Boy Basque Angel