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The Aztec people were native to central Mexico from the 14th to the 16th century and spoke the Nahuatl language (so formally, Nahuatl names would be a more correct name for this list). Aztec culture and history are primarily known through archaeological evidence, but their names have stood the test of time, being handed down throughout the ages. In the Aztec culture, boys? names frequently referred to nature, while girls? names had more to do with their order or circumstances of birth. If you are searching for a highly original name for your baby, consider an Aztec baby name from our large list.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Acalan Boy Aztec Canoe
Ahuiliztli Both Aztec Joy
Atl Boy Aztec Water
Centehua Girl Aztec Only one
Chalchiuitl Girl Aztec Jade
Chicomecoatl Girl Aztec Seventh serpent
Chimalli Boy Aztec Shield
Chimalma Girl Aztec Shield-bearer
Chimalpopoca Boy Aztec Smoking shield
Citlali Girl Aztec Star
Citlalli Girl Aztec Star
Citlalmina Girl Aztec Shooting star
Coatl Boy Aztec Serpent
Cozamalotl Girl Aztec Rainbow
Cuauhtémoc Boy Aztec Descending eagle
Eréndira Girl Spanish The one who smil...
Huitzilin Boy Aztec Hummingbird
Itzcóatl Boy Aztec Obsidian serpent
Itzli Boy Aztec Obsidian
Matlal Boy Aztec Dark green
Matlalihuitl Boy Aztec Greenish-blue fe...
Nochehuatl Boy Aztec Constant; consis...
Quauhtli Boy Aztec Eagle
Teiuc Girl Aztec Second-born
Teyacapan Girl Aztec First-born
Tlacotl Girl Aztec Second-born
Tlaloc Boy Aztec Of the earth; he...
Tochtli Boy Aztec Rabbit
Tototl Boy Aztec Bird
Xilonen Girl Aztec Hairy one