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If you?re looking for Austrian baby names, we?ve got it all plus a bag of strudel right here! Browse our Austrian names list for a variety of authentic Austrian baby name options. Recent popular names in Austria include Lukas and Sarah. See what other names make the grade in Austria, as well as get origin and meaning information, pronunciations and interesting name-related facts in our database. Choosing cool baby names doesn?t have to be as hard as scaling the Alps. Relax! Grab yourself a Wiener Schnitzel, queue up some Mozart, and peruse these names from the ?Eastern Empire!?

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aberle Boy English From the Apperly...
Alexander Boy Greek Defending men
Amadeus Boy Latin Love of God
Analiese Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Anna Both Hebrew Grace; favour
Annaliese Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Annemarie Girl German Fuse of Anna and...
Astrid Girl Norse God + fair, beau...
Barbel Girl Greek Foreign, strange
Bernard Boy Germanic Bear brave; brav...
Bruno Boy Germanic Armour; brown; s...
Carli Girl German Free man
Daniel Boy Hebrew God is my judge
Emmalina Girl German All-containing; ...
Erwin Boy Germanic Uncertain, possi...
Fabian Boy Latin A bean
Farahilde Girl Germanic Travelling + bat...
Florian Boy Latin Flower
Franz Boy Latin From France
Franziska Girl Latin Free man
Isidor Boy Greek Gift of Isis
Janica Both Hebrew God is gracious
Janika Both Hebrew God is gracious
Jens Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Joanie Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Johann Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Jorg Boy Greek Earth worker
Julian Boy Latin Down-bearded youth
Jurgen Boy Greek Earth worker
Jäger Boy German Huntsman