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Whether or not you and your family are of Asian heritage, names from these vibrant cultures are trendy choices for today?s babies. Western parents are increasingly choosing Japanese, Chinese or Korean influenced baby names for their little ones. If you wish to honor your heritage, give your child a strong sense of Asian culture and identity with one of these distinctly beautiful names. We offer pronunciations, origins, meanings and historical and cultural facts about each baby name in our database. Check out our list of the top Asian baby names for your baby boy or girl.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Teru Boy Japanese Brilliant
Teruaki Boy Japanese Brilliant autumn
Teruko Girl Japanese Shining child
Teruyoshi Boy Japanese Shining justice
Thi Girl Vietnamese Poem
Thina Girl Central As... The sun
Thinatini Girl Central As... Sunbeam
Thu Girl Vietnamese Autumn
Thuc Boy Vietnamese Cautious and vig...
Thurian Girl Thai Durian
Thuy Girl Vietnamese Friendship and l...
Tien Girl Vietnamese A fairy from Vie...
Tobikuma Boy Japanese Flying cloud
Tola Girl Polish Prospering
Tomiko Girl Japanese Treasured child;...
Tomoaki Boy Japanese Bright wisdom
Tomofumi Boy Japanese Wise history
Tomohiro Boy Japanese Wide wisdom
Tomoki Boy Japanese Wise tree
Tomoko Girl Japanese Wise child
Tomomi Both Japanese Wisdom and beauty
Tomoya Boy Japanese Wise one
Tomoyo Girl Japanese Wise era; wise p...
Tooru Boy Japanese Transparent
Tora Girl Japanese Tiger
Torao Boy Japanese Tiger's tail
Toshi Girl Japanese Harvest
Toshie Girl Japanese Blessed with sag...
Toshiharu Boy Japanese Genius peace
Toshihiro Boy Japanese Intelligent; wise