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Whether or not you and your family are of Asian heritage, names from these vibrant cultures are trendy choices for today?s babies. Western parents are increasingly choosing Japanese, Chinese or Korean influenced baby names for their little ones. If you wish to honor your heritage, give your child a strong sense of Asian culture and identity with one of these distinctly beautiful names. We offer pronunciations, origins, meanings and historical and cultural facts about each baby name in our database. Check out our list of the top Asian baby names for your baby boy or girl.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Satoko Girl Japanese Wise child
Satoyo Girl Japanese Hometown generat...
Saule Girl Lithuanian Sun, name of sun...
Sawa Girl Japanese Help and harmony
Sayo Girl Japanese World of gauze; ...
Sayoko Girl Japanese Evening child
Seiichi Boy Japanese Sincere one
Seiji Boy Japanese Truthful rule
Seiki Both Japanese Star and beginning
Seina Girl Japanese Star and Nara
Seito Boy Japanese Star and sake di...
Setsu Girl Japanese Node; verse
Shinako Girl Japanese Faithful child
Shiomi Girl Japanese Beautiful tide
Shione Girl Japanese Sound of the tide
Shiro Boy Japanese Samurai male
Shizu Girl Japanese Quiet
Shizuko Girl Japanese Quiet child
Shoji Boy Japanese Proper peace
Shou Boy Japanese Soar; fly
Shreya Girl Sanskrit Auspicious and f...
Shriya Girl Sanskrit Auspicious and f...
Shukhia Girl Central As... The light; glowing
Shunka Girl Japanese High flower
Shunya Boy Japanese Springtime
Shuu Boy Japanese Discipline
Shuusuke Boy Japanese To learn meditat...
Shuuto Boy Japanese Holly and sake d...
Som Boy Thai Orange; well sui...
Somchai Girl Thai Real man; real w...