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Whether or not you and your family are of Asian heritage, names from these vibrant cultures are trendy choices for today?s babies. Western parents are increasingly choosing Japanese, Chinese or Korean influenced baby names for their little ones. If you wish to honor your heritage, give your child a strong sense of Asian culture and identity with one of these distinctly beautiful names. We offer pronunciations, origins, meanings and historical and cultural facts about each baby name in our database. Check out our list of the top Asian baby names for your baby boy or girl.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ryouhei Boy Japanese Good and flat
Ryouji Boy Japanese Good reign
Ryouko Girl Japanese Refreshing child
Ryouma Boy Japanese Dragon and horse
Ryousuke Boy Japanese Good help
Ryouta Boy Japanese Refreshing and t...
Ryuu Boy Japanese Dragon
Ryuuzou Boy Japanese Noble and three
Saaman Girl Central As... Jasmine
Saburo Boy Japanese Third son
Saburou Boy Japanese Third son
Sachie Girl Japanese Auspicious bless...
Sachihiro Boy Japanese Broad happiness
Sachiho Boy Japanese Happiness and ea...
Sachiko Girl Japanese Child of happiness
Sachio Boy Japanese Auspicious boy
Sachiyo Girl Japanese Happy generation
Sadako Girl Japanese Proper child
Sadayo Girl Japanese Proper world
Sai Girl Japanese Paint
Saiko Girl Japanese Serene child
Sakae Girl Japanese Prosperity
Sakngea Boy Cambodian Greatness
Sakurako Girl Japanese Cherry blossom c...
Samnang Both Cambodian Good fortune
Sang Hee Girl Korean Benevolence and ...
Sang Ki Boy Korean Benevolence and ...
Sang Kyu Boy Korean Aid and standard
Sang Min Boy Korean Aid and cleverness
Sarantsatsr... Girl Mongolian Mooneam; moonlig...